Anouchka Grose, Psychoanalyst

Psychoanalysis. cushions
Since Freud, the centre of man is
not where we thought it was; one has
to go on from there.

Jacques Lacan

Psychoanalysis is a talking cure that takes the unconscious into account. It involves discussing patterns of behaviour, ideas, families, relationships, memories, fantasies, dreams and significant events, with the hope of helping people understand something about what brought them to where they are today. It provides a space in which to explore difficult thoughts and feelings — things it may be extremely hard to find an outlet for in the rest of your life. The emphasis is on listening to people rather than dishing out standardised advice or instructions. While some treatments set out to remove symptoms as quickly as possible, psychoanalysis aims to give you time to think more deeply about the causes of your unhappiness, and to build your own unique solutions.

 21st January 2022

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