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Frequently Asked Questions

How long would I have to go for?
Psychoanalysis is an open-ended treatment. You go for as long as it seems necessary to you to go. It's usually a good idea to discuss and prepare the ending with your analyst, but there are no contracts and you are free to stop at any point.

What is the difference between psychoanalysis and therapy or counselling?
Given the enormous number of very different therapies it's a difficult question to answer quickly! Analysts are unlikely to dictate certain courses of action. Instead the idea is to explore the material the person brings and to try to help them build their own solutions.

Are psychoanalysts anti-trans?
Unfortunately, some are, but there's absolutely no inherent reason why they should be. For those of us who came to psychoanalysis via queer theory it's incomprehensible that some of our colleagues should invest in normative, essentialist, biological ideas of gender. Many of us consider it a fundamental tenet of our work that gender and sexual orientation are hard won and particular to each person. You find these ideas in Freud, albeit alongside his many well-known clangers. (The Dora case...the inferiority of clitoral orgasm...penis envy...,oh dear...)
If you're thinking of starting analysis and this stuff matters you, don't be afraid to ask direct questions in your initial sessions. And PLEASE don't be put off altogether! If you need a hand with finding a non-transphobic therapist, feel free to send an email.

How long is a session?
Sessions can last up to fifty minutes.

How many times a week would I go for sessions?
Between once and five times.

FAQ. therapy coverIn case it saves you a trip to South London — or maybe even years of frustration in the wrong sort of therapy — this book tries to outline the different things you can expect from the many wildly varied therapies currently on offer in the UK.

"In Are You Considering Therapy? Anouchka Grose leads us through the forests of available treatments, from the original theories of Freud, Jung, and fellow psychoanalysts to the proliferating schools of modern therapy. Grose writes with concision, with knowledge and balance, and what is a happy surprise in this territory of mind-control, she possesses an unbiased and delightful wit. An enjoyable read and a trustworthy map to all the new and newest therapies! At last!" Irma Kurtz, Agony Aunt, Cosmopolitan

'Are You Considering Therapy?', Anouchka Grose
 21st January 2022

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